Some customers have a requirement to supply a steady volume of fruit juices and fruit juice drinks to a large number of people on a constant basis, like the military or mining camps etc. Orchy have produced products to fulfil this need. They are more concentrated and packaged in larger containers.

Jusfrute Sizes:

2L Range:
4:1 concentrate:Apple, Tropical and Apple Mango
Lemon 7:1 Orange 35% Drink 12:1

Orchy Sizes: 

15L and 200L drums variety of flavours:
Orange 7:1, Orange Mango, Orange Passio. 12:1

15L  and 200L drums if required:
Orange, Orange Mango, Orange Passio, Pineapple Orange.

(200L only on request)


Both brands can be purchased in two forms:

1. Frozen/Unpreserved

2. Preserved/shelf stable