Bevco - An  Australian Owned Juice Manufacturer

Bevco's attention to detail and adherence to Quality Assurance systems make us very attractive to businesses looking to have their products contract packed. Our small, experienced team enables us to react very quickly to customer requests to ensure the finished product is exactly what they need. Bevco's fleet and association with national carriers enables us to deliver product anywhere in Australia. 

Bevco’s experience, expertise, manufacturing capability and capacity ensures that Bevco can add value to any supply chain, no matter how big or small.

Bevco can assist in the:

  • Formulation or reformulation of beverages
  • Procurement of commodities
  • Procurement and selection of packaging solutions 
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Technical advice

 Bevco understands the need for discretion in these relationships and all Bevco staff are aware of the confidentiality required when dealing with customer recipes, production volumes, and other commercially sensitive information.

Manufacturing Experience

The Bevco team has experience formulating and packing many types of non-carbonated beverages including:

  • 100% fruit juices made from fresh juices, concentrates or purees
  • Fruit juice drinks (from 11% to 99% juice)
  • Flavoured and functional waters 
  • Fruit juice blends
  • Preservatised and non-preservatised beverages 
  • Concentrated fruit products 

Manufacturing Capabilities

Bevco is able to handle a range of beverage types and packaging including:

  • Cold fill (down to +2°C) 
  • Hot fill (up to +95°c) 
  • Cold storage (down to -25°C) 
  • 28mm neck finishes 
  • 38mm neck finishes 
  • Containers o Impulse - 110mL, 200mL, 250mL, 350mL, 450mL, 500mL, 600mL o Multi-serve – 1L, 1.5L, 2L, 3L, o Industrial – 2L, 3L, 15L, 200L 
  • Caps & Closures – flat-top, pop-top, induction seals
  • Outer packaging – Cardboard boxes, shrink film 
  • Mixing/blending and compounding concentrates and fruit ingredients 

All processes are documented and accounted for by the Bevco ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system giving visibility in the production planning, resource demands, inputs and costs. Bevco Quality System – guarantees some of the industry’s longest shelf life chilled products. Bevco prides itself on its track record with food safety and product quality.

Bevco has had externally audited HACCP systems in place since 2004. Each site employs a full time Quality Assurance person to oversee the operations and ensure compliance with Bevco’s own and Bevco’s customers’ individual quality procedures. Due to the high level of site cleanliness and attention to detail, Bevco’s chilled fruit juice products enjoy some of the longest shelf life in our industry.

Export Market Bevco currently exports to China (Hong Kong), NZ, New Guinea, Fiji and other South Pacific countries.

If you'd like to discuss contract packing your product or other Juice Manufacturing needs please contact us. Our contact details are listed in the Contact Us section above.